Huberd’s Leather Care Product Reviews and Testimonials

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I really love your products, and thought you guys might want to see some before/after pictures of a pair of Filson boots I restored using your saddle soap, conditioner, and shoe oil. You can see my post here. I’ll definitely continue to use Huberd’s in the future!
Kevin Fowler

I found your product a couple of years ago at a country hardware store. I’ve been using it ever since and what a wonderful job it does! It will make a fifty-year-old leather product look and function like new! I use it regularly on my boots, knife sheaths, and all outdoor leather gear. Keep up the good work and thanks for still making a great product in the USA.
Harold Burnham

I would just like to say that I recently put your product on my Danner boots and I must profess that your product is amazing. They have never looked so good and it has made the break-in period much more enjoyable. Thanks for making an awesome shoe grease.

I just finished greasing my new boots with Huberd’s Shoe Grease and had some thoughts.

  1. I never knew it originated in McMinnville, OR, only 15 miles from me, now I know why it works so well! I work in the water well industry, which means I’m outside standing in water year around in Oregon and my boots get WET, but still work amazingly because of your product!
  2. Your product works great and I love to support an American company.
  3. Don’t change a thing, not even the can! I’m kind of nostalgic and it’s very hard to find a good product in a good old metal can anymore. Something as simple as that will keep people coming back just because.

I have many customers and sometimes I don’t hear from them—which is good because it means that everything is working well—but it’s nice to hear that you’re doing something right. I just wanted to say, you’re doing it right! Keep it up, don’t change.

Your loyal customer
Travis D.W. VanGorder

Huberd’s shoe grease is the best product I have ever found for my made in the USA Danner Mountainlight hiking boots. Bar none. It conditions and waterproofs, and has a rather rapid drying time. Equally important: it is made in the USA in a little Arizona town in the White Mountains.

I found out about Huberd’s from forest service firefighters, but I know local stockmen and other outdoor workers who testify it is the best leather product as well. And it’s reasonably priced. Americana to the max!

I have a 1948 Harley and the saddlebags looked bad, all dried out and cracking. I went to our shoe repairman, he sold me a can of your shoe grease, and now my saddle bags look almost like new!
Ed Tapp

I recently found your shoe grease while looking at leather products on the internet, and wish I would have found it years earlier! Great product! The best leather preservative product that I have used!

I first used Huberd’s in the late 60’s. The can said “Genuine Neatsfoot Oil.” My dad got it to try to re-condition an old dried-out harness and collar set. It worked fantastic. We also used it on saddles and our hunting boots, which were black surplus army boots. I wore those boots until I completely wore them out sometime in the 70’s.

I have used Huberd’s Genuine Neatsfoot Oil on every pair of leather boots since. I just finished my last can and decided to check online to see if your products were still available. I found the website and ordered more. My son also uses Huberd’s and I’m guessing he’ll pass the tradition along to his son one day. Thanks for a great product!
Jerome Servatius

I am a huge fan of taking care of my boots. I just bought this to compare to the Obenauf’s and Redwings’ NaturSeal (which I’ve learned is just Aquaseal relabeled) that I already own. Obenauf’s has a natural honey smell to it, the Naturseal has a like a sweet leather smell to it, and the Huberd’s shoe grease is like a smoked bacon and pine smell mixed. To be honest I like the smell of the Huberd’s is the best.

When you spread the Huberd’s on the boot, it definitely gets more of a liquid consistency than the NaturSeal and Obenauf’s does, and seems to rub in quicker when you use your fingers. It is winter here now and the snow just beads on the boot when it melts and doesn’t absorb into the leather.

I’ve had the shoe grease on my boots for a week now and my boots are still beading water off of them. If you’re in the market for a leather boot/shoe care product, this is definitely at least worth a try. Like I said, I’m going to keep using this because it is just as good as all the other leather care products in its class and the tipping point for me was I love the way it smells.
Jason Gunther

I’ve used Huberd’s shoe grease since the 1960s when my Dad bought a case of 24 (I’m still on that case). I love the smell of it and look forward each winter when I’ll grease up my boots and gloves. It keeps the snowmelt beaded up on my boots without it soaking through. Highly recommended.
By Craig A. Lawson

The best boot conditioner/water resister I’ve ever used! I’ve used Pure Lanolin, Obernauf’s, and mink oil before. Pure Lanolin took forever to soak and collects dust, Obernauf’s does the same, and mink oil broke down the stitching of my last boots. Huberd’s however is easier to apply, the leather soaks it up fast, it sped up break-in time, is water resistant, and doesn’t collect a speck of dust! It also added a matte shine look to the boots, which is a plus.
Thanh Bach Quan

Growing up in rural western Montana and in northern BC, this was my family’s go-to product. We did run of our supply when we were in BC and had to use rendered bear grease. It did the job, but was not Hubbard’s!

My job as a kid was to grease all the boots. I loved that job because of the smell, and how cool the boots looked when done. I would line them up near the barrel heater when done so that they would absorb the grease better. Nowadays, with a gas furnace, I put them on a floor vent.

I also use Huberd’s a lot in the summer, to keep my work-boots in shape as I restore an old house. I also use it on the Brooks saddle on my Azor bicycle. Works awesome for that. I have to be sure it is a warm day, though, so it can absorb before I ride next. (I pedal everywhere! I drive less than 200 miles a year in my car, and I live in rainy NW!)

Huberd’s still smells like it did when I was young, and it still works just as well, or better than it did back then. There really is no substitute! When I finally “found” it again in a small hardware store in western Oregon, I was overjoyed. It was a happy, HAPPY reunion!
Meryl Logue