What Is The Huberd Shoe Grease Company, Inc. All About?

Randy Hagwood & Sara BlackRandy Hagwood liked the Huberd’s line so much that he decided to buy the company! In 2004, he formed an LLC and moved Huberd’s from Oregon to Northern Arizona.

Huberd Shoe Grease Company is an on-site manufacturer producing, packaging, and shipping a range of products used for leather care for a variety of personal and household applications. Our soaps, conditioners, and waterproofing greases/oils for cleaning and preserving quality leather products are produced from a proven formula. Our quality products have earned worldwide recognition due to customer loyalty, global distribution, and their guaranteed All-Climate Protection applications. The pleasant smell of the pine tar and the “no sticky residue” of our soaps and conditioners please the shoe and boot customer, as well as the equestrian, motorcycle enthusiast, and the homestead with leather furniture.

Our clients span several family generations with many reports of “my grandfather used this,” and the recognition that our formula is non-toxic, shelf stable, and made in the USA. Letters from satisfied customers tell us our users tend to consider their leather goods as long-term investments, as opposed to being trendy or disposable. They know they are buying an anti-aging product that will protect their leather items for years to come.

Huberd Shoe Grease Company’s manufacturing operations have intentionally taken place in a rural community for more than 35 years. Team members are responsive to the earth and the global community, and demonstrate cooperation and a collaborative effort in both the short- and long-term. They have an obvious pride in the sustainable product manufactured in their neighborhood

Huberd Shoe Grease Company team members have a long combined history of customer service. An actual person, not a machine, answers all communications— including telephone calls and emails— quickly and courteously. By demonstrating their knowledge in the product and commitment to customer care, they ensure the client receives the highest quality service available.

Randy Hagwood (1959 – 2015)
Sara Hamner Black (1959 – 2014)