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Mr. Huberd himself founded Huberd Shoe Grease Company in McMinnville Oregon, in 1921. He created a beeswax shoe grease formula that was perfect for loggers, that kept their boots dry and in excellent condition during Great Northwest winters.

Improvements to the product line in 1929 included copyrights, patents, and the creation of Shoe Oil and Neatsfoot Leather Dressing formulas. Huberd's products were formulated using no animal fats that could turn rancid, and no solvents or additives that could damage leather. The products soon had a very loyal following.

The formulas have survived the test of time and are the preferred products for keeping your leather waterproofed, conditioned, and looking like new.

  • “I found your product a couple of years ago at a country hardware store. I’ve been using it ever since and what a wonderful job it does! It will make a fifty-year-old leather product look and function like new! I use it regularly on my boots, knife sheaths, and all outdoor leather gear. Keep up the good work and thanks for still making a great product in the USA.” – Harold Burnham

  • “I’ve used Huberd’s shoe grease since the 1960s when my Dad bought a case of 24 (I’m still on that case). I love the smell of it and look forward each winter when I’ll grease up my boots and gloves. It keeps the snowmelt beaded up on my boots without it soaking through. Highly recommended.” – By Craig A. Lawson

  • “The best boot conditioner/water resister I’ve ever used! I’ve used Pure Lanolin, Obernauf’s, and mink oil before. Pure Lanolin took forever to soak and collects dust, Obernauf’s does the same, and mink oil broke down the stitching of my last boots. Huberd’s however is easier to apply, the leather soaks it up fast, it sped up break-in time, is water resistant, and doesn’t collect a speck of dust! It also added a matte shine look to the boots, which is a plus.” –Thanh Bach Quan

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